Crystalynn Shelton, CPA

I am a licensed CPA, small business advisor, and a QuickBooks Top 100 ProAdvisor specializing in financial accounting software training, coaching, and consulting.

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I teach business owners how to manage their finances using QuickBooks Online 

Master QuickBooks and take charge of your business finances now! 

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Mastering QuickBooks 2024

Mastering QuickBooks 2024, the fifth edition is designed to help support small business owners, bookkeepers, and CPAs to fulfill their accounting needs and to make them proficient in QuickBooks.
If you are a small business owner with no accounting knowledge, you can now feel confident in handling bookkeeping for your business with QuickBooks, learn how to use advanced QBO features, gain techniques for managing sales taxes and budgeting, and discover the best practices for reporting in this fourth, fully updated edition optimized for the US. 
Instead of using accounting jargon, I’ve used simple, easy-to-understand language to explain each concept. In addition, I also provide the accounting entries behind-the-scenes for each transaction for accountants who want to know the debits and credits recorded in QuickBooks.

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"Crystalynn is a relatable and personable CPA and QuickBooks instructor. She did a great job of walking is though the components of QuickBooks Online and allowing us time to make adjustments to our current account setup during the class. I learned a few new concepts and felt more organized after the class."
"Extremely knowledgeable with anything and everything QuickBooks. She was also very responsive and helpful and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking professional services or any QuickBooks training or consulting."

"Mrs. Shelton was my instructor for the Accounting Using QuickBooks course at UCLA Extension. She not only was great at teaching the class, but gave great advice on day to day Accounting and how to get even more experience in the Bookkeeping industry. I am grateful for her expertise and helpfulness throughout the class."

- Marcy via ProAdvisor


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